Fire-resistant glass Paraflam EIW-120 Fire-resistant glass Paraflam EIW-120 is used in fire-fighting structures with a fire resistance of 120 minutes. In accordance with Federal Law No. 123-ФЗ "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements", fire resistant glass Paraflam ЕIW-120 is used for fencing the internal walls of staircases in buildings with fire resistance level I.

Paraflam EIW-120 manufactured according to TU 5924-001-79710207-14 and complies with the requirements of GOST 30826-2014 "Laminated glass". PARAFLAM fire-resistant glass meets the fire-insulation and fire-resistance criteria in compliance with the technical standard EN 1363-1.

Glass maximum size 1550 x 3200..

Paraflam belongs to the class of safety glasses.

Glass does not requires special protection from moisture.

The glass is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, including hard UV-C.

Warranty period - 5 years, service life not less than 25 years

Resistance to fire (ГОСТ 33000-2014, EN 13501-2) EI120
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) A 1
Thickness [mm] (tolerance ±2) 38
Weight of square meter [kg/m²] 57
Light transmittance factor τv (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 85.5
Light reflectance factor ρv (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 6.8
Solar direct transmission factor τe (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 60.1
Solar direct reflectance factor ρe (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 6.2
Total solar energy transmittance factor g (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 68.1
Sound reduction (ГОСТ-EN 12758 2015) Tw (C; Ctr): [dB] 45
Pendulum body impact resistance (ГОСТ-EN 12600 2015,) 1/B/1 (СМ4)
Thermal properties (ГОСТ-EN 673 2015): U-Value [W/(m².K)] 5.8
Operating temperature [ºС] -40 .. +50
Durability test (EN 12543-part 4) PASS
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