Fire-resistant glass Paraflam EIW-30 Fire-resistant glass Paraflam EIW-30 is intended for use in fire-resistant translucent structures of external and internal use (windows, doors, partitions, gates) with the second type of filling of openings in fire protection barriers. In accordance with Federal Law No. 123-ФЗ "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements", EIW-30 glass is used in doorways in elevator fencing with exits to corridors and other rooms, doors of elevator shafts.

Paraflam EIW-30 manufactured according to TU 5924-001-79710207-14 and complies with the requirements of GOST 30826-2014 "Laminated glass". PARAFLAM fire-resistant glass meets the fire-insulation and fire-resistance criteria in compliance with the technical standard EN 1363-1.

Glass maximum size 1550 x 3200.

Paraflam belongs to the class of safety glasses.

Glass does not requires special protection from moisture.

The glass is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, including hard UV-C.

Warranty period - 5 years, service life not less than 25 years

Resistance to fire (ГОСТ 33000-2014, EN 13501-2) EI30
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) A 1
Thickness [mm] (tolerance ±2) 20
Weight of square meter [kg/m²] 38
Light transmittance factor τv (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 87.6
Light reflectance factor ρv (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 8.1
Solar direct transmission factor τe (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 66.0
Solar direct reflectance factor ρe (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 7.0
Total solar energy transmittance factor g (ГОСТ-EN 410 2014) [%] 72.4
Sound reduction (ГОСТ-EN 12758 2015) Tw (C; Ctr): [dB] 40
Pendulum body impact resistance (ГОСТ-EN 12600 2015,) 1/B/1 (СМ4)
Thermal properties (ГОСТ-EN 673 2015): U-Value [W/(m².K)] 5.8
Operating temperature [ºС] -40 .. +50
Durability test (EN 12543-part 4) PASS
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