Insulated glass units

Arch IG unit
Brand Glass manufactured single-chamber and double-chamber double-glazed units for windows on the basis of the heat saving spacer Warmex. Insulated glass units can be of various forms, including round, arched, with cuts and holes, using glass from 4 to 15 mm thick, as well as tinted, matted, energy-saving glasses with solid low-emissivity coating, sun-protection and multifunctional, with safety glasses (tempered laminated and fire resistant) and with the use of photo printing and back-colored glass (enameled glass).

According to the sketches and drawings of designers, exclusive double-glazed units for windows with shpros inserts and double-glazed windows with duplex are made.

Double-glazed IG unit with PVC spacer Warmex allows you to keep warm temperature and reduce the likelihood of dew and ice on the window. Compared to the aluminum spacer, they increase the temperature of the inner surface of the glazing by 2.5-4.5 ° C, the reduced heat transfer resistance increases by 4-6%, and the temperature in the side zones significantly improves. As a result, the window with a Warmex spacer does not freeze through even in the climatic conditions of Siberia and the Urals.

The Warmex spacer is made from the same material as PVC window profiles. Therefore, issues of durability, aging, color changes under the influence of ultraviolet rays, elevated or lowered temperatures, are the same for both the main window profiles and the spacer. The test results confirmed the absence of color change and test parameters of the PVC profile after complex cyclic effects corresponding to 20 conditional years of operation. In combination with the deepening of double-glazed windows in window profiles, double-glazed windows are able to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 261-FZ on new energy-saving requirements.

The PVC remote frame is applied in various colors: white RAL9016, mahogany RAL8017, brown RAL8003, beige RAL1011, black RAL9005.