• Fire ressistant glass
    Paraflam EIW-30, EIW-60, EIW-90, EIW-120, EIW-180
    from 8500 rub/m²
  • IG units
    Double-glazed units with duplex and muntin
    from 1750 rub/m²
  • Illuminators
    Fire resistant glass for ships
    from 12700 rub/m²
  • Splashback
    Tempered glass panels with photo printing
    from 5200 rub/m²

Fire resistant glass PARAFLAM

Range of applications

Fire resistant glass PARAFLAM is well known on the building materials market. For over 35 years it has been used in fire protection structures diverse complexity. It is used in fire doors, partitions, windows, glazing facades and atriums of public buildings, shopping and entertainment and sports centers.

The growing popularity of our fire-resistant glass is the result of innovative technologies combining safe fire-resistant hydrogel and tempered glass.

Advantages of PARAFLAM

  • PARAFLAM do not grow turbid, are resistant to ultraviolet;
  • doesnt afraid of frost;
  • withstand long-distance transportation;
  • possibility of making large size;
  • good light transmittance;
  • high noise insulation;
  • passes contacts with water, water-resistant;
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