Laminated fire resistant glass

  • Fire resistant glass PARAFLAM

    Fire resistant glass PARAFLAM

      Paraflam fire resistant glass is well known in the European building materials market. It has been used in fire protection structures for over 30 years. The first generation of glasses with a heat-absorbing layer had a significant drawback - toxic materials were used in the production of the hydrogel: formaldehyde and acrylamide. In 2004, a second generation hydrogel was developed that does not contain toxic components. However, glasses made using Paraflam gel had required careful handling: due to the poor adhesion between gel and glass during transport and assembly, delamination could occur, and spots looks like bubbles appeared in the glass. This phenomenon was especially noticeable on large glass panes.

      In 2015, the research department of our company improved the glass manufacturing technology. The adhesion between the gel and the glass was significantly increased. As a result, it was possible to significantly increase the fire resistance of glasses, reduce their thickness and get rid of delamination. Today Brand Glass provided fire-rated glass for both the domestic and international markets, with a comprehensive range of guaranteed products offering both internal and external fire, bullet and blast protection. Our glass is designed as a cost-effective solution for wide range applications.

      PARAFLAM glass is used in the following structures:
    • indoor fire-resistant partitions;
    • indoor plasterboard walls;
    • internal windows;
    • entrance units and doors;
    • facades;
    • skylights;
    • bent glass walls;
    • ceilings, stairs.