About us

The history of the Brand Glass project started in 2009. In glass processing company, where the author of the project worked, came a request for fireproof glass to the cab door of the driver of subway train. After analyzing the fire resistant glass available on the market, we realized that none of the products can fully meet the requirements of customer. The lack of safe glass limited their use in transport, public and childcare facilities and hospitals. There was a need to develop a new generation of glass, working on other principles that are different from those previously produced.

Next step towards the decision to create Paraflam glass production was the introducing of the Federal Law FZ-123 (Technical Regulation of fire safety), and a number of Federal standards specified new requirements on fire-resistant glass and fire-fighting structures that are getting close to the current requirements of the European Union. Not all fire resistant glass presented on the domestic market meets the requirements of modern standards. Therefore, it can be expected that the emergence of a new brand of fire-resistant glass, which fully meets modern requirements, will be positively appreciated by consumers.

The history of the project:

  • 2009 start of PARAFLAM glass production
  • 2010 first certification of glass PARAFLAM EI-30 and EI-60
  • 2012 production of energy-saving IG-units with duplex and PARAFLAM glass
  • 2013 the number of received certificates for fire protection structures using Paraflam glass reached 57
  • 2014 the number of received certificates for structures with Paraflam glass exceeded 100

At the end of 2014 there was a "reset" of the project. It joined with Baltic Glass company and moves to the new location. Currently, industrial production has been launched at the address: St. Petersburg, Irinovsky Prospekt 1, letter F. New production is a full-cycle production, which is fundamentally different from previous production, where components for the production of fire-resistant glass were supplied from various contractors. This makes it possible to reduce production time and to have quality control at all stages of production. The equipment is fully updated. The company has a department of research involved in preparing for the release of new types of products.

  • 2015 Starting production on a new site
  • 2016 Certification Paraflam EI-60 glass produced by improved technology with reduced thickness 24mm.
  • 2017 Сertification Paraflam EI-90 with thickness 32mm.
  • 2018 Сertification Paraflam EI-30 with thickness 20mm.
  • 2018 PARAFLAM glass durability testing according to EN-12542 part 4

The mission of the company is to meet the need for high-quality fire-resistant glass. We are proud that we can offer such a product, and we hope that working with Paraflam glass will bring satisfaction to our customers.