Fireproof Glass Portholes

Porthole glass А60
Ship's porthole is a structure consisting of a metal hull, made of steel or alumo-magnesium alloy with glazing.

Brand Glass ltd makes fire-resistant marine window glass of classes A0 and A60. The porthole glass is resistant to the effects of sea water, ultraviolet rays and has temperature range from -40 to 50 C.

Products comply with the requirements of ISO 1751 "Shipbuilding and ship constructions - ship side portholes, GOST 19261" Ship's portholes. Technical conditions ", GOST 21672" Rectangular ship illuminated windows. Technical conditions ", the rules for the classification and construction of ships RMRS (in terms of requirements for materials, test pressures, and the requirements of Part III).

The manufacture of glasses is made under the supervision of the Quality Department, the representative of the Customer or the classification authority.