Monolithic fire resistant glass

  • Fire resistant glass STG

    Integity only fire resistant glass

      Monolithic fire-resistant glass "integrity only" category is designed for glazing of windows and glass facades facing open space. Glass retains its integrity in a fire for a predetermined time and, thus, prevents the penetration of fire and smoke to the next floors of the building. It also can be used as replacement of wire-reinforced glass.

      The integrity of monolithic fire-resistant glass in fire is determined by their ability to resist destruction following surface stress at heating. Monolithic fire resistant glass is several times stronger than ordinary tempered glass and withstands internal stresses arising from heating in a fire.

      Application features:
    • The glass is installed in the frame providing the specified fire resistance.
    • Fireproof monolithic glass is installed on the street side.
    • When installing it is necessary to provide thermal gaps.